Kristen and J’s First Video is LIVE!

Hi All,

We’re super-excited to announce that our first music video is complete. We took a trip to Washington, DC in October to shoot a video for “The Only Life You Have,” which is our anti-war song. Our very talented video producer, Dylan Young, met us on a crisp, sunny day at the Lincoln Memorial, then followed us around for two hours shooting while we sang in front of various war monuments. It was a fun but exhausting adventure, as the three of us covered the entire length of the national mall twice. A few times, we caught foreign tourists taking our picture, because, hey, we might be famous one day. “The Only Life You Have” features the brilliant Christian Howes (from Les Paul’s Band) on fiddle, Jimmy Ryan on Mandolin, Kristen on lead vocals and J and Richard Ribb on harmonies. Stay tuned for our next video for our cover of Mark Cutler’s “Remember,” shot on Block Island last May and currently being edited by Dylan Young.

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