Summer Fun

Hi friends! It’s Kristen again. I’m terrible with updating this blog, as you’ve probably figured out.
Summer is our favorite time of the year. Sunshine, time with friends and more daylight hours to be creative. J and I have been working on several new songs, as well as practicing pretty much every night. It’s been a pretty productive period for us; since we finished Things That Are Not last fall, J has been on a melodic roll, writing new songs – it seems – on a daily basis. A lot of these songs are waiting for me to get on the ball and write some lyrics already. It’s summer, and I’m off from the day job, so I fully intend on getting to that task soon. It’s so great to be in such a fruitful place musically. So far, we’ve been lucky enough to have the awesomeness of musicians John Dijulio, Dave Richardson, Richard Ribb, Anthony Franco and Kristen Graves grace our little project-in-the-making. We’re hoping to have some of these new songs mixed in the next few months so you can take a listen.

In the meantime, come on down to our gig this Saturday July 12th at the Roger Williams National Memorial in downtown Providence. We’re one of 4 bands performing for the Downtown Sundown series. We caught the first show of the season on June 21st, and I can tell you from experience it is a great night out. First of all – FREE concert. Second of all – OUTDOOR. And as of now, OUTDOOR on a sunny evening. Third – there’s a Waterfire that night. How can you say no to that? It runs 7-9:30 pm. We’ll be performing with our friend, the very talented Richard Ribb. We have a solid little set list of “hits” from our early, Anna’s House days, our current recording and our newest stuff. Plus, covers of The Low Anthem & Wings songs. Should be a fun night.

Well, hope you all have an excellent summer!
Stay cool!

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