folk songer j
Justin “J” Capaldi
A musician for over twenty-five years, J has played in folk, punk, surf and Bob Dylan tribute bands. From the age of five when he began imitating drumbeats on Beatles records, J began a life-long love of music. He honed his drumming skills for the earlier part of his life. Sometime during his high school years, J realized that the guitar players usually attracted the ladies, so he also took up guitar. He played guitar in the Clash-inspired Boy on Fire. In his late twenties, J returned to drums while doing double-duty for The Itchies and Alley Sway. In 1998, J and Kristen started dating, and somewhere in there first few months of courtship, J finally got up the nerve to ask the age-old question; “So, you ever played any musical instruments?” Kristen replied that sadly, she’d never played any instruments, but she “used to sing a little.” From there, songs were written. His melodies are the backbone of Kristen & J’s music, and he is inspired by everyone from The Beatles to Dar Williams to the Avett Brothers.

folk singer kristen

Kristen Falso
Kristen provides the lead vocals for Kristen and J. She began singing in her 6th grade school chorus, and she continued to sing with choruses and chorales until graduation. In 1998, she began dating J and was asked the question every girl wants to hear: “So, you ever played any musical instruments?” “Alas, no.” She replied, “But I used to sing a little.” One day, J took out a guitar and asked her to sing. She sang. They wrote some songs. They formed a group called Tiny Tree and the Table (inspired by the best unknown children’s book ever, written by Kristen’s sister in the late 1970s) Kristen, a self-proclaimed “book worm” and published fiction writer, writes most of the lyrics for Kristen and J. She is inspired by everything; literature, movies, TV, news, history, people walking by on the street, dreams, and good dessert.

Kristen & J is a duo from Providence, Rhode Island. Formerly called Anna’s House, Kristen & J blend upbeat melodies and poignant lyrics to create a unique blend of pop, folk and bluegrass. Their first CD, “The Distant Sun and the Attic Dreamer” is available through itunes.